Stories from the Babysits community

After signing up to Babysits, I quickly discovered how simple it is to find a babysitter in my area. Thanks to the large community, I don't have to rely on my personal network anymore to find a suitable sitter, but can rather pick one from the many signed up in my area. It's great for parents like me that have trouble finding babysitters the "traditional" way!

Sonia, Chartres

I recently signed up as a babysitter. I received an alert email informing me that a local job has just been placed. I immediately reacted responded, and now I have a regular babysitting job at this family. So easy!

Julie, Nice

I heard of Babysits through a friend that had great experience with the website. Not only is Babysits safe and simple to use, but it's also transparent meaning that I can get a good sense of who I'm dealing with upfront. I would definitely recommend this website !

Bertrand, Nanterre

As a student, I signed up on Babysits to find kids to take care of, and I found few families interested in my profile. I met with 2 them, and now from time to time they call me to babysit their kids. I am really happy about the easy-use of Babysits !

Alexia, Vern-sur-Seiche