Babysitting Test

Babysitting Test

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Do you think that being a babysitter is the right job for you? Are you comfortable changing nappies or cooking meals? Do you enjoy playing games and having fun with children? Take this short babysitting test to prove your knowledge to everyone! Are you ready?

This test consists of 11 questions covering the topic “How to take care of the kids while you are babysitting”. Remember that only one answer is right, so take your time to choose the best one! Before taking this test, get a pen (a pencil is fine as well) and paper to write down the letter corresponding to your answer!

Question 1. You are babysitting a 3 year old girl that wants to play with her toys. How do you react?

Question 2. You have arrived at the house where you’ll be babysitting. You are babysitting a 2 year old boy who has never been left with a babysitter before. After the parents leave, the child begins to cry. What do you do?

Question 3. The girl you are taking care of wants to show you a Youtube video about her favorite song so you can dance together. What do you think is better to do?

Question 4. The three kids you are babysitting tonight are beyond cute. You take selfies with them. What do you do?

Question 5. It's time for dinner. You are sitting down to eat with the children but one of them is a fussy eater. She keeps her mouth shut and refuses to eat anything. What do you do?

Question 6. You’re looking after a 6-month old baby for the first time. It’s time to feed the baby. How do you heat up the baby bottle?

Question 7. The parents are running late and they texted you asking to put the newborn baby to sleep. How do you position the baby?

Question 8. The 6 year old you are taking care of disappeared while you were putting his sister to sleep. You find him in the kitchen with dishwasher soap all over his mouth and hands. What do you do?

Question 9. You are babysitting two siblings, one brother, and one sister and they start to fight. How do you stop them?

Question 10. It's the children's bedtime but they don't want to go to sleep yet. What do you do?

Question 11. If the kid is bored, what kind of activity do you propose?

Congratulations the test is over!

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